About Us

We are the masterweavers production of Ikkath sarees. The ikkath sarees is made in pochampally telangana.we are popular for their traditional geometric pattern in ikkath styles. The traditional geomatric design find there way into weavers handful skill.

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Company Information

Management Team:
  • B.SaiKiran (Partner)
  • P. Prudhvi (Partner)
  • S. Sanjay (Partner)
  • Established In The Year: 2017
    Business Type: Partnership
    Business Role: Manufacturer, Wholesaler
    Employees Count: 16 to 30
    Head Office In City: Hyderabad

    Products View All

    Code: IL-002
    Min Order Qty: 7

    Ikkath Lehenga Type 2

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    Code: ILC-001
    Min Order Qty: 7

    Ikkath Lehenga Choli Type 1

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    Code: IS-004
    Min Order Qty: 7

    Ikkath Saree Type 4

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    Code: IS-003
    Min Order Qty: 7

    Ikkath Saree Type 3

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    Contact Us

    Bhodhanpochapampally, Laxmanagar Oposit SBI bank, Yadaddry Bhonagiri, Hyderabad, 508284, Telangana, India.

    saiboga6157 [at] gmail [dot] com