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I have been practicing Traditional Yoga since 2012. Till 2012 I was in IT field, worked in number of IT companies as Technical Support Engineer, for Desktop and Laptop Computers. 

Having interest in Yoga, I changed my profession in 2012. Completed Yoga training course and obtained Trainer Certificate through a Yoga training center “Premanand Yoga” at Kandivali. Since then continuing as Yoga Instructor, teaching Traditional Yoga to Customers at their place since 2013.

I provide below services in Traditional Yoga.
Yoga For overall body fitness and health
Yoga for Weight loss
Yoga for Body Flexibility
Yoga to increase overall Body Stamina  
Yoga for Diseases like, Back pain, Sciatica, Frozen shoulders, Stress, HBP, Diabetes, stomach problems etc.
Yoga for Senior Citizens from 60 to 80 Years.

Client will be provided practice for the duration of 1 hour that includes
Power Yoga
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Company Information

Management Team:
  • Dipak Patel (Individual)
  • Established In The Year: 2012
    Business Type: Proprietorship
    Business Role: Service Provider
    Employees Count: 1 to 5
    Head Office In City: Mumbai

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    Asanas consists of:

    Asan Lying on Back
    Ardha Pavan Muktasan, Purna Pavan Muktasan
    Kandharasan OR Setu-Bandh Asan (Brid ...

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    Pranayam and Meditation

    Pranayam and Meditation

    Pranayam or Meditation consists of:
    Kapalbhati Pranayam,
    Anulom-Vilom Pranayam (Naadi Shadhan) (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
    B ...

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    Power Yoga

    Power Yoga

    Power Yoga consisting of:
    Veer Bhadrasan 1,2,3 (Warrior Pose 1,2,3),
    Konasan (Triangle Pose 1), 
    Pari Vritt Konasan(Konas ...

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    Warmup, Streching, General Exercises

    Warmup, Streching, General Exercises

    Warm-up  (Preparatory Movements)
    Kati-chakarasan, Kantha Sanchalan (movement of neck), Hasta Sanchalan (movement of arms), 

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    Contact Us

    Ganesh Krupa Chawl, Ganesh Wadi, Vaishetpada No. 1 Kurar Village, Mumbai, 400097, Mahaharashtra, India.

    dipak [dot] patel100 [at] gmail [dot] com